Wednesday, 13 March 2013

what's new pussycat?

Gosh, i really have had a bit of a theme of cats, the past week....i did draw part of this illustration a while ago, and the rest came together today. I do like mixing different techniques: 'old-fashioned' pencil rendering with loose line drawings, mixing them together to give a quirky result. This one was fun, although i do admit a little weird...

'what's new pussycat?'

Friday, 8 March 2013

a fairytale Friday

Well actually it wasn't really a 'fairytale' type of day, nothing really magical or amazing happened....but a little 'fairytale collection' was born. I drew my 'alice' and 'little red' a couple of weeks ago, and they have been waiting patiently to be put into their patterns with their new here they are...a bit of 'fairytale fun' for Friday!


'fairytale floral' (i know, not an exciting name, couldn't think of anything...)

'little red'

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

bye-bye Sam-Sam

A bit over 3 weeks ago now, my little cat, Sam was run over. He was such an adventurous little spirit, always on the move, visiting all his neighbourhood friends (he had a better social life than i did!) It had crossed my mind that sometime in the future he may get himself into trouble on the road. But it still doesn't prepare you for the sadness, flatness and that horrible feeling in your stomach when you realize that little member of your family is not coming back. I am lucky that my little boy, Harry is probably still a bit too young to understand the concept of death...though i did talk to him about it. His big question to me when i tearfully explained what had happened was....'when you found him, Mummy, was he really flat?'....

He was a one in a million cat, with a massive personality...i think he actually thought he was part dog: following us to Harry's preschool last year, yes right in...he had to meet the kids. Following us to the shops, the park, to school, even to last years' neighbourhood New Year's Eve party (no fireworks, loud music or crowds bothered Sam-he was the last to leave!) I am only just beginning to stop looking for him when we pull up in the driveway or think that i can hear his meow when i peg out the washing. The house is very quiet without him.

I really wanted to 'capture' Sam's great big personality in some drawings...but initially, it didn't come easy (as i think i just felt too sad when i thought about him)...but i think my little 'illustration tribute' below sums Sam up. We loved you Sam and we miss you heaps.

Friday, 1 March 2013

let's march into March!

I can't believe it is March already! I have been a little quiet around these parts lately, but i did want to remind you about the great calendar project of 2013, (organised by my pal, Majo, where 12 of us got together to design a month of the year). March is now ready to download from Majo's blog here, it has been beautifully designed by the very talented, Simi Gauba...enjoy!